Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mini Flip books

I love these mini flip books I just had to show all of you. This is going to be one of my hubby's first Father's Day gifts. This is the books cover.

This is the inside of the book. I'm going to put pictures and journal on the squares and triangles.

My sister is making these to help pay for her missions trip this year to the Philippines. She is going to the city of Bacolod, that is where the Rosmarino family is. My sister has been called to go for a month and serve the Lord with her love for kids at their house. She is going in August, when I think about her leaving for a whole month I get super sad but then I have to remember this is what the Lord has called her to do. She is selling these super cute Mini Flip book's for $10.00, if you are interested in purchasing one please let me know. She can do just about any theme you could think of. Please keep her in your prayers.

Thank you,


Ana said...

What a cool book! It will be perfect.

Steve n Vickie said...

Very crafty. Hope her mission trip goes well.